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From: Charles Howard
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Dear fellow internet entrepreneur,

What I am about to share with you in this short personal letter, is not going to make you millions of dollars...

... HOWEVER it can very well make more than enough every month to cover all the bills, and eventually lead you to financial freedom...

...all with only a few minutes set up, then it's set and forget.

Really! You are just a few minutes away from one of the easiest and fastest ways to make autopilot affiliate commissions online...

...without having to worry about making websites, writing content, driving traffic and all that stuff, because...



Imagine a software that...

... crawls the two biggest affiliate networks on the net and finds the highest converting products... the products that monetize themselves easily

... THEN, automatically creates niche sites for those products with YOUR affiliate links embedded ... we call them 'cash generators' (or we should call them as 'Income Snatchers')...

... THEN, like a powerful industrial traffic magnet, sucks ready-to-buy buyers who are searching for those products from multiple search engines to your Ultimate Income Snatcher - these hot prospects will, after reading about the product, whip out their credit cards and... BUY!

And, just to think, the products may be in niches you never heard about! The niches that can potentially rake in for you hundreds or even thousands of dollar per day...

For example, take a niche like "teaching your parrot to talk"---a niche you may know nothing about...

It would probably take you forever to research that niche.

Or to get somebody to write the articles properly.

To find a suitable product.

Then wait for eternity for the search engines to index the site.

It's quite a bit, isn't it?

It sounds like a long process, doesn't it?


No, I don't think so.

But, first, let's get this straight...

Don't think it has anything to do with downloading and installing anything on your computer.


The software runs 100% ONLINE.


Sucking in MASSIVE traffic from untold sources all over the Internet that I don't even know about.

I don't pay for it.

You won't pay for it.



And it's making me good money, forcing the two biggest affiliates networks Clickbank and Amazon to mail HUGE checks to me every month.

I don't do any work.

The app does it all for me.

I know you find that hard to believe.

After all, you have read that countless times before.

So here's what I'm gonna do...

I'm gonna do something outside-the-box.


Totally "unguru-like."

And that is to provide...


Check out these powerful LIVE, REAL-TIME STATS ON THIS PAGE.


So DON'T think this is just like anything out there you've seen.

What you are witnessing is AUTO-GENERATED TRAFFIC and MONEY being made for people who use this app around the world as it is happening now, this very minute

You'll rarely find this on any of the "other" sites.


Because "they" don't have the balls to do it.

Your typical scammer doesn't have the guts to put it all out there.

To be 100% transparent.

But I will because I know what it's like to be in your position.

I used to think that everything that was sold online to usher me into the world of Internet riches was...




But wouldn't you too if you had to...

  • Write articles...
  • Pay for Pay Per Click ads...
  • Post on forums...
  • Write and update blogs...
  • Try to master SEO...
  • Beg JV partners to promote for you...
  • Or ramp up Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media campaign

Just reading that alone makes me tired.

And you know what?



In fact, they don't make real money from what they teach you. Literally, the gurus are selling you one thing but actually making money from another.

They work their ass off 10-12 hours everyday to drive traffic, write content or create websites. And even if they outsource all that stuff to virtual assistants in the Phillipines or India, they still have to be on top of things.

They STILL spend hours on Skype chatting up their friends to promote, promote, promote.

They are on the phones with the Google people asking why they suddenly shifted things around to rob them of the free traffic they once enjoyed.

If they're not running virtual teams, they're micromanaging their in-house employees.

That doesn't sound like FREEDOM to me.



And it doesn't appeal to me. And it shouldn't to you, either.

If that's what it takes to make a lot of money online, I don't want it.

Really, think about it: Why should you give up your 8-hour job to go home and work for 10-12 hours?

It just doesn't make sense.

I roll my eyes when I hear people who are working from home never have time and FREEDOM to what they want, when they want.

It defeats the whole purpose of working from home, if you ask me.

If you want to go that route, go ahead--be my guest.

I'm NOT A guru.

I don't want to be called one.

I don't want to be considered one.

Neither am I trying to be one.


Hi... my name is Charles Howard.

I'm a former wage slave.

Former victim of 9-5 abuse.

I was much like you, getting up early in the morning half-asleep, tired, but still had to go to work.

Work wasn't all that inspiring, either.

I was a telephone customer service rep who had to deal with demanding, rude customers for nearly 11 hours per day.

I did that for 5 years and I was sick and tired of never having enough money.

Sick and tired of having my credit card decline at the grocery checkout.

Sick and tired of having my rent backing up.

Sick and tired of taking the bus.

Just sick and tired of being sick and tired.



One day I went into Barnes & Noble to buy this book I'd heard about called Think & Grow Rich. I saw somebody at work reading, took a peek at a couple chapters, and decided I wanted a copy too.

But while I was in the store, my eyes caught this magazine called Millionaire Blueprints (it's now defunct).

And on the cover was the picture of this guy who was an Internet millionaire.

I bought it, went home, and studied the article about him all night.

I read how he started from nothing and became a multi-millionaire from affiliate marketing.

I went online to explore what it was all about and found myself fascinated by all these six-figure earners and multi-millionaires who were making a living online and...

While I was at work, it was all I could think about.

Every chance I got, I went online to read up their profiles.

And I so wanted to be like them.

I so wanted to be one of those attendees at the seminars they went to.

They always posted pictures of themselves at these seminars having fun and meeting with other top marketers.

I wanted all that.

The camaraderie.

The connections.

The Clout.

And I set out to get it.

From what little I got from my next paycheck, I bought an ebook about Clickbank market from one of my most admired marketers.

I studied it.

Did everything to the letter.

And, after 3 months of trying, nothing seemed to be happening.

I bought e-books, video courses, and home-study courses from other marketers that were dedicated to Clickbank marketing, and, they were all saying the same thing.

It was like a different name slapped on the same re-gurgitated content.

They said...

  • Write articles...
  • Put up review sites...
  • Send out free reports with affiliate links...
  • Do this...
  • Do that...

I had a little success; I won't deny that.

I was making some money.

Nothing great. But, as it turns out, I'm doing the same thing everyone else is doing.

And, pretty soon, I realize I'm up against a million and one other marketers trying to get a piece of the Clickbank pie.

What a headache.

Then, out of the blue, I recalled a story I'd read about an affiliate marketer who was cleaning up on Amazon.

I scoured the Internet for the story and decided that, yes...



Here Are 5 Reasons Why I Decided To Do So...

1. Amazon is a trusted Brand – From surveys, Amazon came up # 1 as the most popular shopping destination. Everyone knows Amazon and is familiar with it – they trust it and do spend significant money there.


2. Commissions - People complain about the low commission rates like 4%-17%.... however when you’re selling a $5000 Camera or a $25,000 Tractor, it certainly adds up. And if you get MASSIVE, MASSIVE traffic to your affiliate links (like I'm about to reveal to you), your commissions on those high-ticket items can easily net you a five-figure monthly income.


3. People Buy More than One Item – the great thing about Amazon is that you don’t just earn ONE commission ONE product that you refer people to, but anything that they buy once they’re at Amazon. If a customer buys a digital camera from you for $500 - the next time they return to Amazon to buy, you ALSO get the commission from the new product without ANY marketing on YOUR part. Sell once and reap future commissions forever.


4. It’s an Investment that Matures Over Time – Treat Amazon like a savings account or an investment. What do I mean by this? Automated links to Amazon can be added over time and more doorways can be created to your Amazon store. The more links you that are created, the greater the chances of sending someone to Amazon and seeing MAGNIFICENT returns on those visits.


5. Wide Array of Products -  What initially attracted me to using Amazon’s Affiliate program was the breadth of products that they had in their system. You can find and sell anything there.

So I plowed into marketing Amazon products.

Especially the high-ticket items.

The first month I tried it, I made all of $897.

Not bad.

But not great, either.

There was potential.

But here's what happened...

Affiliate West Summit was coming up.

(If you've never heard of Affiliate Summit, it's an industry event where all the movers, shakers, and heavyweights in the affiliate marketing world, converge on different locations every year to talk about making money online from affiliate programs)


And one of the keynote speakers was the very SAME guy who's story I'd read on the Internet!

I had to be there.

I had to meet him.

So I booked my vacation time. Took my Amazon affiliate earnings along with some of my meager paycheck and....


I was on a mission to get rich.

I didn't want another year to catch me at my boring ass job.

The day came when I arrived in Las Vegas.

I went to the Pre-Gathering of attendees, and felt a little intimidated when I saw all these people I'd read about.

In saw my "mentor".

And wrestled with myself.

What should I say?

What should I do?

Finally, I mustered up the courage and introduced myself.

He immediately took a liking to me when he heard how hard I was plugging away and what little success I was already having.

Then he said,

I couldn't sleep the whole night.

I was nervous.

I was excited.

What was I to expect?

And I kept telling myself, "Is this it? Is this finally it?"

"Am I on the verge of becoming rich?"

Needless to day, his presentation the next day was riveting.

I took notes like a madman.

And, the rendezvous in his hotel room?


I was in the company of six-figure and seven-figure super affiliates who Jack introduced to me as "the dude who got into our inner circle meeting because of his BIG balls".

And they all put ME on the hot seat and drilled me about how I was marketing on Amazon and Clickbank.

They ripped me apart... out of care for my success.

They showed me what I was doing wrong and how I should go about it in the future.

I left that meeting feeling charged up! Ready to go home and make money!

During the following months, I implemented what I learnt.

Money was coming in hand over fist.

I quit my customer service job.

And started seeing HUGE affiliate checks stuffed in my mailbox!

Like clockwork, this would happen every month.

But, soon, I began to tire of that type of life.




And I had 3 monitors peering into everyday.

I had started liasoning with people in the Phillipines and India who I'd outsourced some of article writing, blog postings and SEO optimization, advertising, etc---everything relating to generating traffic.

It was strenous.


And soon it began to take a toll on me.

I realized that most of everything I was all about TRAFFIC, TRAFFIC, TRAFFIC.

And--damn!---if I didn't have to spend so much time trying to find ways to constantly generate traffic, I wouldn't be cooped up in my den, slogging it out for 10 hours a day.



So I thought to myself, "If only I could get traffic generated to my affiliate links on autopilot, Life would be good."

I thought long and hard for a couple days.

And---BOOM!---the answer came to me!

I immediately remembered Robert Bradley who was at the Affiliate West Summit.

Robert was a software team leader at a leading SEO company in Chicago that provided SEO optimization to companies all over North America.

I called him up and explained my dilemma.

The next day, I dinner with him and 3 other software engineers from the company.

It turns out Robert had long wanted to venture into something like this for a long time and...



During the dinner, we all huddled together, and decided that THIS SOFTWARE WOULD NOT BE A DESKTOP SOFTWARE.

Instead, it would work entirely online utilizing algorithims, just like Google.

Since I had been "Google-slapped" so many times, I requested that it work regardless of any monkey wrench Google---or any other search engine---might jam into my well-oiled affiliate marketing machine.

Robert and his team set to work, coding the beast of an...

"all-in-one, "done-for-you" online app that would work like this:

It automatically crawls the net and searches for the best/hottest products to monetize. It will inform you exactly where the hottest money can be made.

It creates a complete niche site filled with high converting products with just one click. Then it generates understandable, UNIQUE, SELLABLE content automatically using its own advanced spinning algorithms to drive traffic to the sites.

This algorithm allows the software to generate content that everyone loves to read. All you need is just ONE click.

It automatically generates traffic by building backlinks from huge traffic sources and by the private network of thousands of users.

Traffic is the backbone of any online business. The software helps to generate backlinks from all over the net to your blogs which are filled with links to your 'Ultimate Income Snatcher'.

Besides, your links will be shared virally by thousands of users in our private network. That means your traffic will go viral and you can't even control the massive traffic the software can bring.

Buyer traffic will automatically come. And that's how to make money!

The software has multiple traffic sources, so we don't need to just rely on a single traffic source such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, PPV, etc... to make money.

No longer would I need to...

  • Employ people to write articles
  • Pay for Google Adwords
  • Advertise on Facebook
  • Advertise on Twitter
  • Engage in Media Buying and...

All the time and money-sucking activities needed to make my business successful!

All I'd need to do is...



During the 6 weeks of coding, testing, and tweaking, my Amazon and Clickbank affiliate links were pounded with MASSIVE, MASSIVE traffic from places on the Internet I didn't even know existed.

It was fantastic!

Robert and his team REALLY did a good job, so, we did a partnership for the whole project on a 60/40 joint venture split, with me getting the 60.

I just don't know but somehow people found my sites during their searches.

I was selling stuff in niches that were foreign to me!

Niches I literally didn't expect people would have an interest in!



You simply...

  1. Sign up for your Affiliate links at Amazon and Clickbank 
  2. Input those links Into Ultimate Income Snatcher which searches for the highest converting products and creates online sites selling those products for you...  
  3. TRAFFIC bombards those sites containing your affiliate links and...  
  4. Wait for your commissions

Of course you must take some actions and follow my instructions to the letters when using the app, however...

...honestly, this is every affiliate marketer's dream come true.


If you're working too hard to make money online, or if you want to build more extra streams of online income, this is exactly what you are looking for.

With this:

  • You don't need to fear of getting beat down by your dickhead boss...
  • You don't need to worry about Google slaps which can easily wipe out all your efforts in 1 day
  • You don't need to purchase any courses or systems that the gurus throw at you every single day

This is a hands-free, stress-free money-making system that...

  • Is perfect for YOU if you work 9 – 5; in fact you can just let it run when you are working on something else, as it makes money at ANYTIME of the day... make money before... after... or during work hours!
  • Lets you make BIG money with very little "work" everyday!
  • Works consistently for years to come!

If I had something like this when I was starting out, I'd be filty stinkin' rich a long time ago.

It literally sucks all the work out of being an affiliate by simply delivering what every online marketer wants:



With this, you'll...

  • You won't be able to control the income you'll get... there's no way you can diminish the power of traffic that will come surging through your links
  • Get customers to your Amazon sites who'll put money in your pocket more than once--if they buy 50 times after their first purchase, you'll reap commissions on all their future puchases. That's HUGE!
  • Never worry about generating traffic. Ultimate Income Snatcher will do ALL the heavy lifting for you.

And let me remind you, this is no...


* Desktop Push-Button Software Crap *


Frankly, do you know of anyone who's made any money from them?

Do you really think they are as powerful as a traffic algorithim that adapts to the search patterns and trends of the search engines?

The greatest thing about Ultimate Income Snatcher is… not just that it’s so easy… but there are…



Listen: For the greater networks like Amazon and Clickbank, the demand for their products will skyrocket over the next 5 years.

Just last year, Amazon cleared over $28 billion in sales, and, if you plug into Ultimate Income Snatcher today, you're setting yourself up to expontentially increase the size of your affiliate checks over the next 5 years.

Jeff Bezos, the CEO of, is making a BIG push in China.

The hundreds of millions of consumers there haven't started to flood Amazon as yet.

And when they do, will you be ready to cash in on the hip, young market, that is projected to spend in the multiples of the $28 billion spent this year alone?

Not to mention Clickbank...

They are paying out hundreds of millions in affiliate commissions each year.

Can you afford NOT to get a piece of this combined multi-billion dollar pie?

And even better...


Within the next few minutes from now as soon as you input your affiliate links, content will be generated on your behalf, and will present itself on demand to the avid searcher who wants a product to buy from Amazon or Clickbank.

Right now, as you're reading this, 100s of visitors are surging through our servers.

All from content generated from Ultimate Income Snatcher

But, at sometime in the near future, we'll be doing everything through Cloud Computing to ensure that no act of Nature prevent money from rolling in if any harm comes to physical servers.

As you can see...


Soon, you will be able to get...

More money.



To do whatever you want.

Whenever you want.




Say, for example, an affiliate network starts selling expensive cars, and somebody buys from your link, you get a hefty commission...and you never actively promoted it.

Ultimate Income Snatcher did that.

If another starts selling Russian tanks, and somebody buys through your link, of course, you get the commission... and you never actively promoted it.

Ultimate Income Snatcher adapts to that and keeps on making money for you... now... and far into the future!

That's the power of algorithims!

There is ZERO on-going work. You set it up once. That’s it. The traffic will come to YOU.






It's not for you.

If you feel guilty that making money should involve hard, back-breaking work.

Or you should withstand disrespect and ill-treatment from a boss, Ultimate Income Snatcher is not for you.

Plus, let me emphasize that...

You DON'T Need Experience

You DON'T Need A Product

You DON'T Need A List

You DON'T Need JV Partners

You DON'T To Mess With Twitter or Facebook Advertising

You DON'T Need SEO



Technology is moving at such a rapid pace now that the people who can THINK and CODE possess the power to make money.

Affiliates are always looking for ways to make money EASIER.





Imagine skipping the affiliate learning curve
if you're a newcomer to affiliate marketing.

Imagine not spending any more
money on affiliate marketing

Imagine having affiliate checks
arriving in your mailbox regularly.

Imagine cashing them and spending the money
on whatever you damn well please.

That's what I want for you.

I want you to be able to quit your job (after you've banked a
mass of affiliate checks).

I want you to be able to put down the downpayment on a home and let the affiliate checks finance whatever little mortgage is left.

I want you to buy a car--cash!

I want you to be able to treat yourself to vacations.

To actually LIVE the 4-Hour Work Week.

And the only question you should have right now is...


First off- don’t worry about the price.

I'm not going to kill you with something outrageous.

This is an online app. And that means I have to think about server costs, maintenance, electricity, etc...

I could easily charge you a monthly fee to cover all that.

But I won't.

Ultimate Income Snatcher pays for itself.

The commissions alone easily cover that.

So, you don't need to gouge out your pocket to get access.

What I need is more people to join the network to develop the software's "brain".

To make it more efficient in generating content and driving traffic to every member.

And, right now, your investment to get access to Ultimate Income Snatcher will only be...



Say "Yes" to the $47 right now and I'll back your decision with...

My 100% Iron-Clad,
Money-Back Guarantee

You must take advantage of this outrageously low price while you can.

Plus, if at any time in the first 60 days for any reason (or no reason at all) you’re not absolutely thrilled with the money you’re making with Ultimate Income Snatcher, all you have to do is shoot me a quick email you’ll find on the download page and I’ll refund every penny you paid on the spot.

No hassles, no runarounds, and we part friends.

I won't ask you any questions. No "ifs", "buts", or "whys"!

You must be satisfied--if I can't make you happy then I don't deserve your money.

On this page, you've seen real-time traffic and money being made.

You've seen live PROOF of Ultimate Income Snatcher working its magic.

And the only reason I can think of right now why you wouldn't jump on this that you're still skeptical.

I don't blame you.

After all, there have been many products you've bought in the past which have failed to live up to their hype.

But, remember, at the beginning of this letter I said the entire risk is on me.

The burden is on ME to prove to you that Ultimate Income Snatcher is what I say it is.

So my request to you is to push your skepticism aside.

Because you know you want a breakthrough already.

A rock-solid opportunity to make you real, spendable cash.

And it's right here.

Right under the click of the button below.

You have NOTHING to lose but the chance to begin making stress-free, hands-free cash in just a few minutes from now.

You will never--ever--get the chance again if this opportunity runs dry.

So, click the Order button now and experience the thrill of making money on autopilot with Ultimate Income Snatcher.






If You Take Action Today, You’ll Also Get These Life Changing Bonuses:

1. Passive Profit Machine ($47)

2. Paid Survey at Home ($68)

3. U Cash Academy ($47)

WARNING! The bonus are only for 5 luckiest people. If you wait and come back later, you’ll end up getting nothing… There’s NO RISK, so TAKE ACTION NOW to get started.


I'll See You On The Inside,

P.S.The old traditional methods of making money as an affiliate are over. If you're still hanging on to everything the so-called "gurus" have been pumping into you over the years, it's just a matter of time before your marketing efforts will be all in vain.


Smarter marketers using technology will be eating your food.

Marketers such as the ones who will take advantage of Ultimate Income Snatcher proprietary technology. And if you choose to keep on writing articles, spending money on Facebook ads, half-baked desktop softwares, or trying to take advantage of whatever "loopholes" anyone presents to you, you'll simply be flogging a dead horse.

If you want to succeed as an affiliate marketer, regardless of your experience, you can plug into a simple, easy, proven method of getting money that countless other marketers have already taken advantage of.



P.P.S.Remember, your purchase decision comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. If, for whatever reason, you're not satisfied, your money will be quickly and cheerfully refunded to you. The entire risk is on me.


Here are some quick FAQs:

Q: "If you're making all this money, why would you want to share it, most of all, with total stranger?"

A: After my programmer team finished coding the application, I realized it's too powerful... that's why I came up with the sharing idea, as it won't affect my income a single bit.

Thus, the more people use the software, the more powerful it becomes. More people joining the network can help to develop the software's "brain".So I have no problem sharing it. However more people means more server, more workload, more customer support from my programmer team and I, that's why the price will go up when more and more people joining the network.

Your one-time investment is to cover the server cost, the customer support cost etc... In fact, it's like you are using the software for free. 

Q: "Do you provide customer support?"

A. Yes. We are here to help you make money online. Our team will answer your questions promptly so feel free to ask us.

Q: Is Any Training Included With The Software?
A: Absolutely, we included step-by-step training in the members area. We hold you by the hand and take you through every step of the way.

Q: "Will your system work anywhere in the world?"

A: Yes, as long as you have an internet connection.

Q: "I am using Mac. Can it work with MacOS? I have no experience whatsoever"

A: The software works with any operating system. No installation. No experience required.




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